Where most web copywriting goes wrong.

As a web marketer, it’s easy to become immersed in web analytics, SEO optimization and keyword strategies. But obscured behind it all is an astonishing fact that most web marketers miss:

That people are still people.

And if you write to them like people, all those other things tend to fall right into place.

I’ve got a great track record of web sites that perform exceptionally well. Because I didn’t write them for some search engine’s algorithm. I wrote them for human beings.

Sure, all that analytical stuff can help. And make no mistake, I use it myself to make to make pages like this one work even better.

But if you want to separate yourself from all those web sites that are nipping at your heels, you’ll do something remarkable—and somewhat unexpected:

You’ll talk to people like people. Pretty much like I’m doing right now.

Want to talk about a web project of yours? Just send me an email.


My Strong Heart Web Site

This site is a remarkable example of what can happen when you do things right. The copy was friendly. The content was engaging. The process—from PPC ads, to landing page, to sign-up—was seamless. As a result, we went from zero to thousands of visitors in a matter of weeks.


Vocalocity Web Site

Vocalocity depends on their web site to sell the company’s industry-leading Business VoIP services. And while SEO had improved conversions, they still felt the site could do better. With my re-write—and a new design from Neboweb—conversions increased dramatically virtually overnight.


Antithesis Web Site

Ad agencies are supposed to be great at communicating. Strangely, they often drop the ball when they have to communicate about themselves. I helped my good friends at Antithesis by writing their site. It’s clear, it’s fun, it’s effective. Just like their ad agency is.


Builders Insurance Web Site

Let’s face it: Copy about insurance can be kind of dry. But every company has a story to tell. And in telling the story of Builders Insurance, I was able to differentiate them from the pack—helping customers to see they had not only found an exceptional company, but people much like themselves.


URMC Giving Web site.

Encouraging people to give their money isn’t easy. And when you’re doing it on a web site, you risk losing them on every page. So the copy I wrote for the URMC Giving site had to keep people fascinated and engaged. Fortunately, URMC’s amazing doctors and researchers gave me plenty to talk about. I just did it in words that real people could relate to.


Clinical Trials Web site.

Have you ever read the description for a clinical trial? “A phase-three, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled. . .” And that’s just the start of it. But this clinical trials web site was intended to get more people involved—not scare them off. So I wrote copy that would take people by the hand and gently lead them through the process. Clinical trials have the potential to give new hope to many people. Writing warm, welcoming, human web copy got that off to a good start.


American Fiber Systems Web Site

What AFS does is highly technical. But people don’t want to be baffled by a lot of technological jargon. They want you to help them feel at ease. So on this web site I broke things down, making these super-technical products simple and easy to understand. AFS lives by the Golden Rule. So I wrote to their customers the way I’d like people to write to me: Like a human being.