Can you really love a TV commercial that isn’t funny?

I love hilarious TV spots for fast food and beer. I love them—but I don’t write them.

Instead, I write commercials that touch your heart, inspire you, or make you think. Maybe it’s me, but I just think we could all use a little more of that kind of thing.

My clients seem to agree. The following spots have helped them to build business substantially in highly competitive markets.

Golisano Children’s Hospital “Sunshine”

It started as a simple song and a simple idea. But it became something much bigger than any of us expected. We were welcomed into the lives of 40 young children as we filmed and edited this commercial. Tears flowed, and lives were changed.


UR Medicine Research TV

UR Medicine has a research enterprise that is doing amazing things. But our community didn’t know. This commercial was designed to change that. People learned that we had researchers who were working on incredible things—like a cure for muscular dystrophy. But one of the best outcomes? The researchers themselves thanked us for making their stories known.


Prostate  Cancer TV commercial

Rather than feature men who had been successfully treated for prostate cancer, we featured men who were still in the middle of treatment. That created powerful and emotional moments. One of our favorites was this one with Elton.


UR Medicine launch

Our focus group said, “Just tell us the facts.” But we ignored them—and launched the UR Medicine brand with commercials that were purely emotional. The CEO’s phone blew up with positive feedback, and the new brand shot up in recognition overnight. 


Precision Breast TV spot

I wish I could take credit for this spot. But it was actually written by a talented intern—my son, Matt. It highlighted how the treatments for breast cancer at the Wilmot Cancer Institute are incredibly precise—as different as the women themselves.


Cardio TV

We interviewed cardiac surgeon Peter Knight for this spot. We knew he didn’t have much time—as he had a patient being prepped for surgery. So we simply asked, “Why did you become a doctor?” He told this story. And we knew we had something amazing.


Stroke TV

While I love what the mother says in this commercial, my favorite part is the adoring look her baby gives her with his finger is stuck in his mouth. Beautiful camera work from Tim Wainwright.



University Breast Imaging TV.

Early detection is the key to treating breast cancer. And mammograms are the key to early detection. So why do so many women skip their mammograms? Because they’re busy—helping all the people who need them. But as this spot points out, that’s the best reason of all to get your mammogram.



URMC—Brad Berk TV.

Sometimes, you have to just stand back and let a story tell itself. Watch this spot, and see what I mean.



Medicine of the Highest Order TV.

The University of Rochester Medical Center is ranked among the top medical centers in the country. Yet people in their community were clueless about the gem in their own backyard. This spot drastically increased preference for the med center—and actually brought tears to the eyes of many employees.

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