The sixth habit: Organize to free yourself.

The Seven Habits of Highly Creative People.

#6: Organize to free yourself. 

Projects requiring creative thought are greedy little buggers. They want all of your time, all of your thought, all of your energy.

When Mozart was writing a symphony, do you think he was also contemplating what he was going to make for dinner? Of course not. He no doubt allowed himself to get totally wrapped up in his task, forgetting about everything else in his life.

The trouble is, there are other things in your life.

If you forget to feed the dog for three days in a row, he’s going to get ornery. So you need a way to handle all those other things in your life so you can devote yourself to your creative tasks with the super-exclusive focus they need.

Now, I’m not the best guy to tell you how to get organized. The truth is, most creative people aren’t.

But there are some simple things you can do so you won’t have to worry about the goldfish dying and the health department writing you up whenever you get engrossed in a project.

Here’s a simple one: have a To Do list. 

Put all your stuff on it. Everything that’s got to be done. Why? Because if you keep it on your list, you won’t have to keep it in your head.

I recommend having a small notebook in which you can make a To Do list for each day of the week. Only put those things on each day that you realistically think you can accomplish.

Number the top three items that you will attack each day. If any items are left over at the end of the day, move them on to the next day’s list.

At the very top of the list, put the high-value creative tasks. Do those first, or at the time of day when you feel the most creative. Your time for creative thinking should always take precedence.

Then assign the leftover times to doing the stuff on your list. Because any time of the day is good for grocery shopping and paying bills.

One other thing: Clean up your office. If it’s neat, your mind will be happy.

Trust me. I know I felt like that once when my office was clean.

Are you organized? What are the top ways you organize to free your creative mind? Leave a comment below.

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