What clients are saying about Jim.


“Two years ago my creative partner of 25 years—the writer in our small agency—was told she had stage four melanoma and the diagnosis was not good. Our business was doing very well at the time, with excellent clients who appreciated great work.

I had to find someone who could step in and make it look like our agency had not skipped a beat.

Jim came highly recommended from art directors, writers, photographers and cinematographers. He started right in on an annual report/ad campaign for a client I had serviced for 15 years.

Jim got it. His voice became the voice of this client. And they loved it. After 15 years of creating their annual report, they told me it was the best ever.

I trust him and so enjoy seeing what he creates. It is a treat.”

Linda Summers

Owner, Nagel & Summers


“Simply put, Jim is the most talented writer I have ever met.  During the first project we worked on together I distinctly remember thinking, ‘he’s a miracle worker!’ and over the four years since then, he has never failed to deliver.

Almost as important though is Jim’s work ethic and style. He is fantastic to have at a client input meeting; very diplomatic, self-aware, and articulate.  He does not falter under pressure and clients love his presentation. Most noteworthy to compliment Jim’s creative skills though are his organizational skills, sensitivity to deadlines and sense of responsibility.”

Cindy Wait


“Whenever I need someone to put into words the passion I feel for our program, I call Jim Lahue. Jim is a gifted writer, one who can translate the thoughts, feelings, and ideas of his customers into the written word. His talents have contributed much to the successful marketing of our program.”

Laurie Kopin, MS, RN, ANP

Senior Director

University of Rochester Medical Center, Office of Donor Relations


“Jim is a rare talent.  He has an unnatural ability to distill information down to its core, find the essence of what really matters and then put together words that leave you with goose bumps. Not only do clients love his writing, but they respect his honesty and value his point of view.  We always know we can count on him to come up with something great, no matter the situation—and so do our clients.  He’s awesome!

With the University of Rochester Medical Center, he performed pure magic. He took the central idea and turned it into a campaign that touched the hearts & minds of staff members, patients and those throughout the community.  Really powerful stuff that has done wonders for the brand.”

Larry Kleehammer

Partner, Antithesis Advertising


“Jim is an exceptional copywriter and easily distinguishes himself from the multitude of ‘good’ copywriters. He nails our desired tone every time, is responsive, personable and professional. I look forward to continue working with Jim and would recommend him in a heart beat.”

A.R. Brache

Marketing Director, American Fiber Systems


“Jim Lahue is the first writer I turn to, whether I need compelling copy to launch a web site, a personal profile of a prominent individual, collateral to feature a new program, or someone to write even simple ads or brochures.  He’s my “go-to” guy.  He’s an excellent researcher, interviewer, and thinker, whose engaging prose can just stop me in my tracks.  I read his words and just marvel at his talent.  Empathetic, creative, observant, and collegial—these are qualities I want in a writer, and find in Jim Lahue.”

Gwenn Voelckers

Director of Health Communications


“Jim is a lot like the copy he writes. Engaging, funny, effective and utterly professional. I recommend him to our clients every chance I get, and once they read his first draft — they’re always glad I did.”

Adam Harrell



“We just launched our new web site, and people are already saying great things about the copy. We’ve rarely gotten positive feedback on copy for anything before! It just took a couple of phone calls with Jim to review our business and he took it from there. The project was affordable, turned around quickly and most importantly the end result was high quality.”

David Politis

EVP and General Manager, Vocalocity


“Working with Jim Lahue was terrific. After a brief interview with me, he was able to extract the essence of our children’s hospital and depict the crux of who and what we are in separate pieces for lay and professional audiences. To be able to capture the ethic and culture of an organization as complex as ours and then make that accessible to everyone is a real gift!”

Nina F. Schor, MD, PhD


Golisano Children’s Hospital


“Jim is able to take very complex material and translate it into invigorating, interesting copy.  He comes up with unique and gripping angles to engage the reader.  Jim also is very good at putting his interview subjects at ease and making each interview an enjoyable experience.”

Debra Davis

Surgical Oncology Administrator, University of Rochester Medical Center


“I never hesitate to send work Jim’s way. He easily interprets what needs to happen on a project without a lot of handholding. I’m always amazed at the multitude of good options we receive from Jim—whether it be for concepts or simply headlines. Jim has been a great asset as an extension of our creative team.”

Kris Laufer

Vice President of Creative Services, Ten Adams Marketing & Advertising


“Jim’s ability to translate the most abstract thought into meaningful words is stunning. He intently listens to the client, asks questions to really get to the crux of the message, then delivers a headline that captures the client’s wishes better than anyone thought possible. I am always impressed by his ability to work with any topic. Whether he is writing for a manufacturing company, a cardiologist or a bank, his words are incisive and compelling.  Jim is professional, supportive, approachable, open-minded, and an absolutely brilliant writer. He makes my job easy and my clients happy—it is always my pleasure to work with him.”

Jennifer  Pellittiere


“Here is the unvarnished truth: There are creative types who are flashier. There are copywriters who play the part with more panache. There are ad guys who look more like they’ve stepped off the Madison Avenue curb.

But if what you simply need is an idea with the power to change things, Jim Lahue is the one you want working on it.

When the URMC needed a campaign to touch the hearts and minds of Rochester we turned to Jim, and he knew what it took to deliver Medicine of the Highest Order. It’s as inspiring as it is effective. And it’s quintessentially Lahue.

Jim epitomizes something E.B. White wrote about the craft of writing itself. ‘All writers, by the way they use the language, reveal something of their spirits, their habits, their capacities, and their biases . . . All writing is communication; creative writing is communication through revelation—it is the Self escaping into the open.

And so it is with Jim.

It’s his substance that makes the difference.”

Karl Withers

Associate Vice President of Marketing, University of Rochester Medical Center