Medical & Health Copywriting that inspires.
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I never planned on being a freelance copywriter who specialized in the medical and health markets.

But that’s a big part of what I’ve become—and I’m tremendously thankful to the many people who have made that possible.

On this page, you’ll find a few samples of what I’ve done.

You can look at this as “my work”. But really, it is the work of many great doctors, researchers, nurses and administrators. I’ve just done my best to tell their stories well.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to look through it.

And, if you have a project you’d like me to work on or a story you’d like me to tell, please let me know. You can email me here. Then we can talk more by email or phone.

Thanks! I’m looking forward to it.



Research results aren’t always in journals. Sometimes they’re in little pink tops.

Arieona is a little miracle. A blur of energy, smiles and hugs, she was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of three. Thanks to some great doctors and amazing research, she received a treatment that saved her life. Which is great for Arieona—and for anyone with the good fortune to encounter her.


Heather’s Story.

Battling breast cancer is one thing. Beating it while you’re pregnant is another matter entirely. This spot—which told of the Wilmot Cancer Center’s leading edge treatments—was helped in no small amount by its three adorable child “stars”.


He can tell you many fascinating stories. Including the one about the day he died.

The EMTs who arrived on the scene the day of Father Salmon’s heart attack didn’t expect to see him alive again. But thanks to an advanced treatment at Strong Memorial Hospital, the head of McQuaid Jesuit High School is alive and well. This ad created intrigue which drew people online to view a web video with Father Salmon’s story.


Last year, our bypass surgeons performed a nearly impossible procedure: Helping every one of their patients return home.

I am frequently taken aback by the inspirational stories I hear from doctors, patients and administrators. Sharing those stories is often the absolute best thing I can do as a copywriter. In this print ad, I simply told of an amazing achievement by my client.


IT’S TIME TO QUIT making smokers feel guilty.   (web banners)

Penn Medicine had come up with an amazing new approach to smoking cessation: Rather than make smokers feel ashamed, they made smokers feel loved. The result? A much higher success rate at helping smokers quit for good. This campaign featured several web banners that helped express that love, drawing smokers to a landing page where they could sign up for the program.


Every bride needs “something new.” For Alisha, that was her smile.

This ad had its inception in a web-based contest to Win a Smile Makeover. Alisha had been one of our three winners. Her story was then featured in a TV commercial, a web video, web banners and in this print ad.


Medicine of the Highest Order TV.

Sometimes, the very best medical marketing just tells a story that’s been there all along. This TV commercial I wrote for the University of Rochester Medical Center—part of a complete branding campaign I worked on for them—shows one way of doing that.


You’re starting to rub me the wrong way.

Technology and expertise are incredible things. Still, there are times when it seems everyone is trying to claim that territory. In cases like that, it may be better to take a very simple, human approach, as I did in this print ad for the Evarts Joint Center.


Clinical Trials Web site.

There’s a troubling trend in clinical trials: Minorities don’t participate as much as others do. And that means not as much is known about the best ways to keep them healthy. This web site was designed to change that situation, with friendly copy that helped explain the benefits—as well as the safety—of clinical trials.


This is a lump. (web banner)

How do you make yourself stand out on the web? The same way you do everywhere else: Have a simple, important message. Tell it in a remarkable way. (Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a great designer—Stina Kennedy—working on your project, too.)



My Strong Heart Web site.

What do you do when your competition has been outspending you for the better part of a decade? That’s what had been happening for the Strong Heart & Vascular Center. I wrote a campaign that revolved around patient stories. Each story led people to this web site, which told more of those stories with text, audio and video. The SH&VC got a tremendous boost in awareness, vaulting them over their highly entrenched competitor.


Heart: Circulates blood. Pumps wildly when in love. Soothes babies who are held close.

In medical marketing, it may not be enough to promote what you do well. You have to understand what territory is already owned by someone else. Highland Hospital is in a market that’s dominated by a large medical center. So to help this hospital stand apart, I wrote these branding print ads that emphasized Highland’s more compassionate approach to medicine.


URMC Giving Web site.

With so many organizations competing for charitable contributions, URMC came to me to help them take a different approach. This web site provides glimpses of true heroism at the University of Rochester Medical Center, helping inspire regular people to change the world in a remarkable way.


She’ll be seeing her doctor soon. She’s saving him a seat.

I’m quite comfortable working with my clients in whatever way is most convenient. In this case, I provided headlines and visual ideas directly to an in-house designer at the medical center. The end result was a high quality print ad that was also very affordable.


My life was saved by a magnet.

The best ideas will work across several different media. This concept for a new MRI service was used on this postcard as well as in a print advertisement.


The way to your husband’s heart isn’t through his stomach. It’s through you.

With every job I take on, I suggest a number of different approaches. This campaign for a regional heart hospital, for example, took on heart disease in a new way—by talking to spouses. By giving my clients a choice, I help them to find the most powerful approach for their market and offering.


The time to pick an urgent care facility is when nobody’s leg is broken.

Here’s another concept that was used in both print and direct. The direct also included a magnet that people could hold onto in case of an emergency.



Faster trials. Better decisions. Lower costs. Pick any three.

Sometimes, promotional is best. This postcard helped create trade show traffic for a high-tech startup company.


If you’re a man. If you’re over 45. If you want to walk her down the aisle.

Often, medical marketing needs to help people do things that they’d really rather not do. This print ad—promoting prostate exams—shows one way I’ve gone about that.


The Hero Fund. (fund-raising letter)

Another lesson I’ve learned: Everything is an opportunity. Even something as simple as a letter. This letter helped inspire donations from people who had recently been patients at Strong Memorial Hospital.


So what now?If you have a project you’d like to discuss, send me an email. We can talk more about it—by email, or by phone if you’d prefer— then I can get an estimate to you fairly quickly.

If you decide to move forward, I can assure you of this: I’ll make the process simple and pleasant. I’ll give you more than you were expecting. And chances are, you’ll end up with some of the very best, most effective marketing materials your organization has ever produced.

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