Content Cure

The 100-Day Content Cure.

The fast, painless way to make your content marketing far more effective.

“Content marketing is the new branding,” shout headlines all over the web.

But getting your content marketing effort into place and working effectively can be an overwhelming challenge.

That’s why I developed the 100-Day Content Cure. It kicks your content marketing effort into the stratosphere in a little over three months.

Here’s what the 100-Day Content Cure includes:

  • Working with you to develop your overall content strategy.
  • Identifying keyword targets that are optimum for your business.
  • Brainstorming topics for blog articles.
  • Creating a content calendar.
  • Reviewing and editing old content for repurposing.
  • Writing blog articles.
  • Expert editing of articles written internally.
  • Creating Facebook posts and Tweets to promote your blog.
  • Writing emails to promote your content to your subscriber list.

Some important things to point out:

    • I don’t farm out any of my writing. All writing is handled by me personally.
    • You can expect writing of the highest quality. Please visit my blog for examples.
    • You’re not going to get lost in the shuffle. I only accept three “Content Cure” clients at a time.

So if you’re interested in getting your content marketing effort into high gear, let me know.

You can’t do it in a day. But in 100 days, we can work a virtual miracle.

For more information, please send me an email.