The three things to know before you hire a freelance writer.

Choosing a freelance writer isn’t easy.

But truthfully, the decision should come down to just three things:

First, does he do great work?

If you scroll down—and click on the tabs above, and also visit my blog—it’ll only take you a few minutes to see the kind of work I do.

Second, do his clients rave about him?

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And third, will you just plain like working with him?

That’s the tough one. And there’s no way you can be totally sure.

But I will tell you this: I’ve made most of my clients so pleased that they keep working with me for years.

If you have a project you need help with—or if you’d simply like to learn more—let me know. I’d love to hear from you.


Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and he forgets about eating.

Sometimes, all it takes is finding the truth and then saying it. That’s what this ad I wrote for Shimano Fishing Tackle did. If you can make a reader smile, nod, and say, “Yeah, that’s me,” you may just have a customer for life.


She was expecting her third child. She wasn’t expecting cancer.

I can’t help but be inspired by some of the people I’m asked to write about. In this case, a young woman was successfully treated for breast cancer while she was pregnant. Her story was part of an ad campaign that included TV spots about each patient as well as longer web videos that told the rest of each patient’s story.


The best thing to follow an act of God is an act of kindness.

My DuPont Agricultural client did a rather remarkable thing: They created a guarantee that would replace the cost of a farmer’s DuPont products if his crops were destroyed by the weather. It’s always a pleasure to write an ad for something like that.


My Strong Heart Web Site

The Strong Heart & Vascular Center was being outmatched by a competitor who had been advertising consistently for the better part of a decade. We fought back with this web site. I wrote the text, recorded audio and video, and developed the structure of the site from the ground up. With the help of a Google Adwords campaign and other media, Strong leapfrogged over their competitor within months—while spending significantly less money. (This site has now been incorporated into the parent web site, URMC.com, for which I have also done a lot of writing.)


Last year, our bypass surgeons performed a nearly impossible procedure: Helping every one of their patients return home.

It was a stunning fact to learn about my client. I just tried get out of the way and tell this amazing story. I have to thank one of my favorite art directors, Kent, for putting a great image with my headline.


Yes, we use dumbbells.
No, we don’t train any.

Art DiAntonio is one of the biggest, strongest, smartest guys I’ve ever met. It was my honor to write some ads to help promote his gym. Art has bench pressed over 500 pounds. Oh, and you should know: Art is also my collections agent.


American Fiber Systems Web Site

American Fiber Systems offers some amazing network technology. But describing it with a lot of techno-speak would have just made visitors anxious. So on their web site (designed by NeboWeb), I talked about things like SONET rings and Dark Fiber using words that regular people could actually understand.



Antithesis Web Site

Ad agency web sites have plenty of glitz. Substance, though, is often sorely lacking. I was well acquainted with the guys at Antithesis Advertising, and I knew they did things differently. So with their web site, I made sure their plain-talking, hard-working, highly caring ethic came through.



It seems like this opera will never end.
They haven’t started singing yet.

This ad told about Alcatel’s impressive DSL offering. It was part of a whole campaign of things that you can’t stand waiting for. Alcatel ran one of them in the Wall Street Journal. The response far outdistanced their ability to deliver the product, so they had to pull the campaign.


You’re starting to rub me the wrong way.

The Evarts Joint Center has the best surgeons. Outstanding technology. A sterling reputation. Sparkling new facilities. Still, sometimes the best way to tell your story is with a talking hip.


We’ll be there when your fiber ring is put to the test.
When someone blows it up, for example.

Sometimes, being a freelance writer is the easiest thing. Your client tells you something remarkable that they did. My job is just to write it down. And after that, they tell you what a great writer you are (see testimonial from AFS in “What clients are saying”).


The most impressive thing to happen with water since you learned you were made of it.

My client had come up with an irrigation system that actually sensed when the ground needed water. Amazing, right? My challenge was to share the sense of wonder I felt upon hearing about it. Kind of like that feeling I got pretty much every day as a kid.


Branding once meant poking a huge, surly animal with a red-hot iron.
If only it was still so simple.

It can be kind of weird marketing an organization that specializes in marketing. But this ad seemed to take the right approach.


Since installing carpet with EcoSolution Q, Sabrina has had a string of eleven good hair days.

This new carpet fiber was totally recyclable into more carpet fiber, so it would never end up in a landfill. I figured, “If you buy carpet like that, something good has to happen to you, right?” Surprisingly, hundreds of customers submitted stories to our web site to tell us that “Carpet Karma” was for real.


If you’re a man. If you’re over 45. If you want to walk her down the aisle.

So what’s the ultimate test for a freelance copywriter? It’s this: Can he write an ad about prostate exams and make it sound appealing. I hope you find that I have passed this formidable challenge.


So what’s next? If you have a project that you’d like me to work on, send me an email. We can talk more by email, or by phone.